25 July 2017

Full Ensemble Patches

image02 updatedWe are proud to announce the 2.1 update for Cinematic Strings, which includes two new patches – Full Ensemble and Lite Ensemble. These patches are perfect for sketching out ideas or quickly filling out a track. It's our aim to do what we can to make a composer's life easier, so we hope you’ll enjoy them! This video looks at the features and operation of the new patches and includes a MIDI file so you can load them into your sequencer and see them in action.

- Alex :)

Fast Passages and Measured Tremolo

image00 updatedI love writing fast string passages, but it can be a hard and frustrating experience without the right tools. Thankfully, owners of Cinematic Strings 2 now have a number of easy ways to approach this task, which I explore in this latest video. As per usual, the video comes with MIDI tutorial files to help you master techniques like fast runs, arpeggios and measured tremolos in no time, along with a MIDI of my latest piece "Collider," which consists of a series of fast repetitive patterns. A very big thank you to all of our customers, I hope you find these videos useful :)

Happy composing!

EQ settings and Tempo Mapping

image01 updatedFollowing on from my Tech Walkthrough video, these tutorial videos are intended to offer CS2 users a variety of handy tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way. Hopefully they will further inspire and enhance your music. First up, we know that busy composers don’t want to waste time with endless tweaking to get the sound they want, so I made this video to show the minimal EQ settings I used on all the CS2 demos. I’ll also be discussing tempo maps and the wonderful effect they can have on your latest string piece.

Thanks for watching!
-Alex :)

Cinematic Strings 2 in Education

Supporting Students and Institutions Worldwide

Students working with CS2 at the University of St Francis, USA Students

We believe that the latest technology should be readily available to the education sector to facilitate learning and to keep training up-to-date and relevant to industry requirements. For this reason we offer a range of individual educational discounts to both teachers and students; we also have tailored packages available for universities and colleges that seek to incorporate a professional-level string library into their program.


Am I Eligible? 

As discount circumstances are highly individual, we kindly ask that you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire about eligibility, and to find out what we can do for you.

Introducing Cinematic Strings 2

Click here for a video demo of the new features in CS2.0

Cinematic Strings 2 is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original orchestral strings sample library. Whilst retaining the warm luscious tones produced in the world class Verbrugghen Hall of the Sydney Conservatorium, the new version features a sleek new interface and even smoother legato.

Because Cinematic Strings was created to meet the needs of working composers in today’s film, television and video game industries, our focus has been to maximise both efficiency and authenticity. With this in mind it provides a realistic mockup tool, and an inspiring instrument - which will save you from all the hassle and wasted time spent tweaking parameters, modifying CC data, or applying drastic EQ and reverb effects to emulate the sound you're after. 

Have a look at the video walkthrough of the new features, by clicking the image to the above. You can purchase now, receive download links instantly and start making real music today! 

Brand New Interface

Brand new interfaceThanks to our cutting edge GUI, Cinematic Strings is incredibly easy to use. Loading and unloading articulations, assigning keyswitches, adjusting the microphone balance using the new mixer, and controlling a built-in reverb are all just a click or two away. With all these features accessible from the main GUI page, you'll have Cinematic Strings working alongside you on your latest project within minutes. Just click on the image for a detailed video walkthrough.

New Legato Engine

Legato Engine

Real legato transitions were sampled for Cinematic Strings. Our new legato engine is designed to be more authentic and efficient, allowing the transitions to be integrated seamlessly into your melodies. This is made possible by our advanced scripting system that adjusts the dynamics and timbre automatically while you play. The new engine compensates for your playing speed automatically, so that when you play fast, shorter more natural legato transitions are triggered. This leaves you to focus on what you write, not how you write it.


The new mixer in CS2New "Mix" Microphone Position

Cinematic Strings utilises three microphone positions - close, stage, and room. Mixing these three together will allow you to take advantage of the deep concert hall warmth captured in the recordings. Additionally, you can achieve a full sound while saving on computer resources by using the new “mix” microphone position. This sounds so good that we're willing to bet you'll be using this 99% of the time.

Kontakt 5 PlayerCompatible with the free Kontakt 5 Player

Cinematic Strings 2.0 is now Kontakt Player 5 compatible, meaning it will work as a standalone product without the need to purchase any additional 3rd party software. We hope this opens Cinematic Strings up to a wider audience and provides the most compatibility across all systems. Kontakt Player 5 is available as a separate free download, from Native Instruments. 

Other features and enhancements

  • NEW! - Full Ensemble patches; ideal for quick sketching or filling out a track
  • Controllable vibrato using a MIDI CC (user selectable)
  • 4 dynamic layers for all articulations
  • All common articulations sampled: Sustains (with and without vibrato), Tremolo, Trills (half and whole tone), Staccato, Pizzicato (with Bartok Snap)
  • Specialised 'Runs' mode for creating realistic fast string runs
  • 4 x Round Robin samples for all short notes - essential for realistic repeated notes
  • Repacked using Native Instruments lossless compression algorithm to reduce per-sample footprint
  • New staccatissimo samples - for when you need that extra bit of nimbleness!
  • User-adjustable short note lengths
  • Built-in algorithmic reverb, adjustable from main GUI page
  • Intelligent controllable vibrato. The system doesn't enable vibrato samples unless you move the controller - this saves resources if you're not using this feature
  • Selectable high and low playing positions - controlled via GUI control or velocity sensitive keyswitch

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